We believe that God sent His Son Jesus to bridge the gap for all humanity providing a way for all to become fully devoted sons of God. No one is to bad nor is anyone good enough to deserve this gift that Jesus freely gave the gift called Salvation. After being crucified on Calvary’s cross, after being layed in the tomb, three days later Jesus arose conquering death and returning to His father in heaven. He then sent the comforter the Holy Spirit so that you and I would live life daily experiencing the leading of the Spirit of God from within us, giving us a way to live free from sin, to live with power, passion and a purpose.

If you want to experience the amazing moment of giving your life into the hands of the one who created you, its a simple pray from the heart that’s needed…God looks at our heart and not our words. We need to mean what we say and then true relationship with your maker begins.

A Prayer you can say to help you begin relationship with God
Say this prayer out aloud… Dear heavenly father, I acknowledge that I am a sinner and I ask for forgiveness of all my sins, I believe that You sent Your Son Jesus to pay the price for my sin and that I could have a relationship with You. Cleanse me of anything not of you and I’m asking you from my heart, to come make Your home within me, I give You my life and I ask that You would come now with Your Holy Spirit and fill. I receive Your forgiveness and I love You, Thank You that You are for me and not against me, I believe You have an awesome future before me, please lead me each day. Amen.

As the Pastor of the church, I am reminded of the many times that I daily made mistakes and made bad choices. One very important point you need to be reminded of…we will always make mistakes and bad choices and your Heavenly Father knows this. He is not expecting you to be perfect nor is He expecting you to follow a list of rules that are impossible to keep. Jesus came to do away with that lawful approach that man was mixed up in. He hasn’t done away with the principles of the Bible but He came to show us a way that works and still allows us to have life and enjoy it!

The Bible tells us that Jesus was sent not for the good religious people of the day, but rather for the bad, broken and lost people. That is why Jesus; had dinner with a short Tax Collector (a sinner), He allowed the prostitute women to lay at His feet and wash His feet with her tears, He touched and healed the lepers and He preached to the Samaritan women at the well. All of these examples broke the rules of the day set by the religious leaders. The religious of the day thought that they could some how do enough things to be good enough to deserve God. But the fact is none of us can measure up or why did Jesus come if His death wasn’t needed. So next time you fall and make a mistake..remember its OK, just daily ask for His forgiveness and strength to grow into His likeness and slowly your life will reflect His goodness.

1. It his highly beneficial to get a bible and begin reading preferably in the New Testament, the book of John is always a good place to start. If you need a bible please make contact with us and we will supply one free of charge.

2. It’s a great thing to share what you have done with someone understanding that people will try to talk you out of this new direction you’ve taken, but don’t allow them to shut you down and manipulate you. In time they will see the changes in you and they also will be wanting the same in their life. The bible says if you openly mention your love for God, He will openly do the same for you.

3. In finding a church home is one of the next also important steps, a place for you to grow and outwork this prayer you have just prayed. We would love to help you on the most exciting journey of your life, however our church is not the only church that can do this. Remember that NO one church is a perfect and whilst church is built upon people there will always be problems. However God promises to come back for His called out people the Church and this group of people will slowly lose their flaws finally becoming something of great beauty.Here are six helpful questions to ask in seeking out a church home;

1. Does the church preach the whole Bible?
2. Does the church believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit
3. Is it well balanced not just focused on one or two favourite attributes of God
4. Does it do the two greatest commands, love God and love people?
5. Does the church preach repentance?
6. Does it win the lost and disciple them to become followers of Jesus?

Asking Jesus into your life is simply the best decision you could ever make and with Jesus in you, you cannot help but change the world around you!