Mathew and Katrina Christie, together with an awesome team of people, humbly serve our God by offering a free community BBQ at Hugh Muntz Park, Beenleigh, 5:30pm – 7:30pm, every Thursday night, for all those whom God brings. Join us in the sharing of the gospel with those in need, and with people travelling from the four corners of the world.

It is our privilege and honour to serve our God, Church and Community in seeing Christ manifested in love, as the great commission is one of action. (MATT 28 :19-20) It is God’s will that none perish but come unto repentance (2 Pet 3:9).

Recently we have had the honour to share the good news of the gospel, pray and lead people to the Lord. People who are not only locals but from around the nation, but also people who live internationally (eg. France, Taiwan, Canada, NZ, Switzerland, China, Ireland and Norfolk). Glory to God! We never underestimate the seeds that are planted, as one plants, another waters, however it is God who brings the increase.

Where: Hugh Muntz Park, Beenleigh
Time: 5:30pm, Thursdays
Contact: Matthew Christie
Phone: 0420 807 573